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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Cast - Love Is The Call


People would have you believe that Brit Pop was all about three bands. It is particularly irritating for me that everything is linked to the Magpie Rock of Oasis, a band that released one and a half great albums followed by mediocrity. A band that too many think invented music.

At the time, it was more about the great Guitar Pop from the likes of Cast and Dodgy. I was particularly enchanted by Cast with my connection to Liverpool and the likes of The La's. The band's up and at 'em Scally Scouse Pop offered up and at 'em balls of catchiness with killer choruses.

I've been waiting for this promised comeback for ages and it doesn't disappoint. This is a much bigger production than what has gone before and it suits them. It underlines John Power's songwriting gift, but also moves from the slightly basic arrangements to fully fledged big Pop Rock and the choruses are better than ever. 

The genre has no right to sound as great as this, particularly comeback albums. Love Is The Call, a title that you'd expect from Cast. is a crackerjack of an album. John Power's voice has matured, it is not quite as squeaky as it was and that works even more with the material.

Power had developed a solo career, very different to the band and the opener, Bluebird, is a short nod to that direction, but from there on in, the album just explodes. First Smile Ever retains everything that the band was about and is the closest to the heady Britpop days on the verse, but the chorus breakout and is absolutely killer.

But that verse is the only real inkling of what has gone before. Elsewhere, you have splendid Psych Pop with Love Is The Call and the magnificent The Rain That Falls. Faraway is great 80s Melodic Rock with another massive chorus and Look Around is great UK Beat.

Time Is Like A River has a big 70s Classic Rock sound, something you'd expect more from Ian McNabb and Starry Eyes stomps like the Glam Rock of my youth.  Proceedings end with a big anthem in Tomorrow Call My Name. A wonderful way to end a wonderful album.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is also available everywhere, just as it should be.


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