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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Sorry Monks - Girlfriend EP

Another fine release from Darrin's excellent Subjangle label. Sorry Monks are from Salisbury and display all the traits that you would expect from a Subjangle release. Jangle Pop and Indie Guitar Pop are all on display, but this EP goes even further.

There is a real UK New Wave feel to the material at times, particularly on Close But No Cigar which also has big hints of Glam Rock and Don't Know How It Feels is wonderful Power Pop. Stop, Look And Listen is a mix of 80s Dreamy Pop, but even more reminiscent of UK Beat Pop from 60s. 

What Make You It goes even more 60s with a sort of jaunty don't be sad Pop, offering advice on relationship difficulties and adds a wonderful arrangement to a killer guitar solo. Bird Of Paradise is great West Coast Harmonic Pop which encroaches Bubblegum.

Girlfriend even starts a little Sultans Of Swing and there is even hints of Pete Shelley. You might call this Lo-Fi, but this EP is much more than that. The sound is really affectionate and you imagine how big this lot could be with a bigger studio budget. What a cracking listen this is.

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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