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Thursday 22 February 2024

Gentlemen Rogues - Surface Noise

I love Austin Texas's Gentleman Rogues and Surface Noise pushes all the right buttons and more.  They seem to have been lumped into Power Pop when they are a little noisier than that. They could be compared to new breed from the genre over the past couple of years, but they are much more.

The band are more Indie Rock, melodic Indie Rock though and they cross genres. Although they are nothing as such, they remind me of the Pop Punk brigade that grew up and now offer up a sound that is more encompassing and appeals to a wider audience.

Having said that there are also hints of The Replacements and Superdrag and they certainly offer up an intoxicating brand of Rhythm, Riffs and big choruses. They also enter Slacker Rock at times and the vibe is very 90s College Rock.

For instance the riff on Days In The Dayroom is hypnotic, Bon Mould like, but Troubled Troubadour is almost Green Day. Francy comes in with a Wall Of Sound, all attitude, urgency and pace, whilst the opener, Do The Resurrection! rips in with a sort of Punk Power Pop effectiveness and yet there is also a Psych Pop riff that interrupts proceedings.

Half Empty, Half Fool is great turn of the 70s UK New Wave and Involuntary Solitary is the closest they get to Power Pop, a wonderful anthemic singalong chorus delight. Don't expect any Ballads, although '60s Damage is a great slowed down restrained closer.

The majority of followers here are Riff lovers and Surface Noise is chock with them, wall to wall in fact. Those riffs are the thing that absolutely grip you,. No two are the same and that is what makes this album so special and it is very special.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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