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Saturday 3 February 2024

Taking Meds - Dial M for Meds

New York quartet Taking Meds open Dial M For Meds with a Not Lame-esque Fountains Of Wayne like corker in Memory Lane. There is more of that here, particularly on Life Support, but there are other directions to explore too.

The Punkier roots may have been smoothed out, but what rings out here are the riffs that are absolutely awesome and counter balanced by a strong lyrical content and a Rhythm section to die for. Chorus dominated matched by solos of quality. 

My description above would place them into prime Power Pop and there is a similarity at times to the more aggressive Power Pop that has built momentum over the past year or so. But these four also sound very 90s College Rock.

They can be a happier Pearl Jam or tread into the territory of The Replacements. But they can also Rock out, take for instance the noisy Wading Out and when they do raise the volume, it is just as effective as the poppier songs. The Other End even gets more than a little Green Day.

See The Clowns is epic and closes the album, maybe even be the best thing here. Very 90s, but very effective, it hardly comes up for air. I may have confused you with all the references, but this truly is right up you followers street.  Particularly those who like their Riff Rock, a little meatier. It is a crackerjack of an album.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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