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Wednesday 21 February 2024

The Freeloaders - Cheap & Used


At times, I get so involved in Guitar Pop that I forget how much I enjoy stepping out of it, be that listening to my collection which is still very different to what I post hear, although it has got far more about the new than it used to. You do get labelled and fight as you may, the label sticks.

Pittsburgh quartet The Freeloaders have fashioned up a fine album that flirts between the 70s and 90s, thankfully missing the 80s when this type of material got drenched in synths, instead of relying on the intermittent organ.

They are particularly great when the Classic Rock takes hold, playing wonderfully arranged Southern Rock that is a reminder of The Band, but much rockier. When the Organ kicks in, it sounds more than a little like Mott The Hoople's Island Years. 

Yet they can also be as loose as The Black Crowes and if there is a current band that they are close to, it is The Successful Failures, a little more laid back than them perhaps and as you might expect they can edge into Country Rock splendidly.

The Guitar work is wonderful, at times it weeps at you. Follow even heads into 70s West Coast Rock. They can also Rock and offer up a raucous cover of Cracker's Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace And Love) which gets very Garage Punk.

Get Off The Train reveals a wonderful Stones feel and Sick And Tired is a great example at how great they are when they are straight ahead. You can imagine The Freeloaders being a great Live act, hitting a vibe and holding the audience in the palm of their hands. Top Notch!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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