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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Dan Vapid - All Wound Up

Chicago's Dan Vapid has been part of the Pop Punk scene for many years, most notably in Screeching Weasel. His current line up with The Cheats is his most satisfying yet. I'm often banging on about the Pop Punk title, because most times I see little difference between this and Power Pop. Certainly, Vapid And The Cheats have far more in common with Power Pop.

 I'm also a sucker for these Family / Kids Educational Albums and have been since the likes of They Might Be Giants got involved. If the kids are gonna learn something and listen to a decent band at the same time, double win.

So away from the obvious messages, the language is toned down to exemplary, no naughty words here, the choruses are particularly memorable and the whole family can enjoy the album. All Wound Up is enjoyable, 26 minutes of great Power Pop, simplistic perhaps, but Power Pop for the masses not just us 40 plus men. It's certainly got me looking forward to the next Dan Vapid And The Cheats album.

You can buy the album here.

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