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Friday 23 December 2016

The John Sally Ride - Not Taking Credit / Didn't Know I Was Saying Goodbye

I was gonna post a large I Do Hear A Single and I may still do. However I thought it may get lost in the Christmas Mayhem, so I't may be best to pull a few out for a post of their own.

I've always liked the Indie Pop of New York's John Dunbar. It's great melodic pop , the sort we thrive upon. There's also big kudos from these parts for Sal Maida's part in Milk 'n' Cookies and yet more for his time in Big Beat era Sparks. He's also played Bass in Roxy Music and more recently was a part of Cracker.

My biggest connection is with drummer, Sal Nunziato. Sal is a great friend, former owner of New York's NYCD Record Store, writer and the man behind the Burning Wood Blog. Burning Wood was probably the main inspiration behind I Don't Hear A Single going public.

The three have combined to form The John Sally Ride and what a trio it is. I knew it'd be good with the trio involved, but I didn't expect it to be this good. An album, A New Set Of Downs is in the works. In the meantime, the first single is available as a Name Your Price on Bandcamp.

So you've nothing to lose by downloading the single now from here. You can listen to more of John's stuff here. Sal's excellent Burning Wood Blog is here.

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