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Thursday, 24 August 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show Episode 10

I Don't Hear A Single's Radio Show reaches double figures this week. Broadcast on KOR Radio at 8pm UK Time on Fridays, repeated at the same time on Saturdays. Due to increased popularity, a Monday Night Repeat has been added at 8pm and there are plans for some more US Friendly times.

You can listen to it here.

It's a cracker, I could've filled two hours, so I've had to cut the usual two or three archive tracks for this week only.

Also, a reminder that the show is archived the following week on Mixcloud. You can listen to the first nine shows here.

Here's what you can groove along to.

01 One Like Son - New American Gothic
02 The Pot Beach - Bloody School
03 Title Tracks - Protect Yourself
04 Bryan Estepa - Rattled and Rolled
05 Magpie - Daisy Paints Her Fingers
06 The Singles - Phone Call
07 The Rationales - Under the Gun
08 Any Version Of Me - Some Saturday Morning
09 Mothboxer - Get It Right
10 Dot Dash - Searchlights
11 David Kurtz - Good Things In Life
12 Coke Belda - Run To Me
13 Edward Rodgers - The Player
14 Stanley June - Holding On
15 The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club - The Woman Who Got Old
16 Plasticsoul - Biff Bang Pow
17 Star Chamber - Sleeper

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