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Thursday, 31 August 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show Episode 11

After a welcome break, the reviews return tomorrow and there's a lot to come over the next few days.
Today was the prep of the I Don't Hear A Single's Radio Show which reaches number 11 this week.

Broadcast on KOR Radio at 8pm UK Time on Fridays, repeated at the same time on Saturdays. Due to increased popularity, a Monday Night Repeat has been added at 8pm and there are plans for some more US Friendly times.

You can listen to it here.

Again, it's light on the Archive stuff, but the closer is a 12 minute blistering live performance from Be Bop Deluxe.

Also, a reminder that the show is archived the following week on Mixcloud. You can listen to the first ten shows here.

Feet can be tapped to the following :

01 Fast Romantics - American Love
02 Hello Bear - Afternoons Delight
03 Muscle Souls - Beautiful Fool
04 Sparks - Hippopotamus
05 Ted Lukas - Speak Less, Say More
06 Luke Haines - Marc Bolan Blues
07 Huxley Rittman & The Rusty Hitmen - If The Shoe Fits
08 Game Theory - Between The Bottles
09 A J Davila - Beautiful
10 James King And The Lonewolves - Fly Away
11 Daniel & The Real Feels - City Girlfriends
12 The Difficult Stranger - Fall In Love With You
13 Dan Wilson - Closing Time
14 The Weeklings - Paperback Writer
15 Be Bop Deluxe - Blazing Apostles (Live)

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