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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Colin's Godson - The Timely Demise Of Colin's Godson

Glasgow's Colin's Godson inhabit their own strange, yet wonderfully fascinating pop world. Imagine Half Man Half Biscuit with a Power Pop backdrop, rather than Folk. The band are certainly prolific, hot on the heels of this, a further album is planned for October.

The influences are everywhere, Sultans Of Ping to Frank Sidebottom and the Pop of the likes of The Supernaturals and Silver Sun as well as Devo and the twee keyboard stuff of the 80's. The vocals can be a bit plain, ditto HMHB, but the pop semsibilities shine through.

Stadium Rock is in Weezer Territory whilst Paul And Linda sounds like something off a Jane Wiedlin solo album. Country Wall is sideshow Blur, whilst Secret Sunday takes that a stage further into pure Brit Pop.

Match,com is all UK New Wave, but it's those Half Man Half Biscuit references that continue to hit home. The everyday lyrics and subjects point to those four lads from The Wirral and something like The Krypton Factor could actually be them.

In 24 minutes, the album manages to incorporate all these examples plus Prog and 60's Bubblegum Pop and yet there's still something endearingly unique about the band. It's a confusing, but fulfilling journey though the record collection of these Glaswegians.

Buying the CD is the way to go because you get a Comic Book and other stuff with it. But the digital download is available to listen to and then buy, should that be your preference. You won't be disappointed.

You can listen to and buy the album as a download or CD here.

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