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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

It's Time For You To Have Your Say

In the Anything Should Happen Blog Days, an annual feature used to be to get what the users and followers actually thought and wanted. It strikes me that with I Don't Hear A Single now expanding into so many different directions, that it may just be the right time to find what you want. ASH never stood still and why should here?

So please be free with your thoughts on what you want from here, it's about the music and supporting the bands. Would you like more of the same or something different? Do you like the format? Do you like the new Blog Look? Should the Blog be promoted more or less?

Are you interested in Archive stuff or do you want a separate place for that? Should everything I write and review go on here or should it remain for the new and under appreciated?

What do you think of the Radio show? Do you like the format, would you like additional shows concentrating on different things, more chat or just the one show to be extended. Facebook wise - is there too much or too little promotion?

Should we get more people involved to offer up different views? Do you want to be involved? Do you want your Blog or Radio Show affiliating into here, do you want this affiliating into yours. Any comment or opinion is valid. I don't cry if people tells me something is rubbish, I just take it out on Crash.

Whether you are a fan, reader, musician, label, promo company etc, all views are welcome. You can comment in this thread, via email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever makes you most comfortable. I'll leave this thread open for a week or so.

Please be honest too, if something bugs you, just say. This is an ideal opportunity for you to get the music site/s you want.

Over to you!


  1. Listening to the radio show mixes after you post them -- it would be nice if there was an introduction to the songs -- maybe not before each song, but maybe after every 3-4 songs. I usually download this to listen to it in the car, but never remember which song I want to find out more about after the fact.

    Other than that, this is going just dandy.

  2. Echoing Shriner - hearing a little more from you on the podcast would be great. Reminding us who we just heard or introducing who we are going to be hearing would help cement the bands in my tiny little brain.

    Apart from that Don, I think that the blog and show are doing exactly what you've set out for them to do - introducing those of us that love this music to artists that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

  3. what shriner and matt said good to have an introduction to the song,i listen to the show and then go to your list on facebook to find out who i particularly like (if i dont know the artist)................ I know you`ll say that "it`s about the music,not me" and i applaud that,but i`d like to hear a bit about the band and what you make of their music (but that means even more work for you,and i realise that there`s only so much time you can devote to the show)i like the radio stuff,and i do like the option of the podcast,because it means i can listen when i choose (selfish,but that`s thatcher`s britian for you) but mainly i like the reviews,last weekend alone i discovered earwig fast romantics and davey lane,all of who i adore already...........i was going to get the download of the star chamber album,as i listened to the 30 second clips on the site and loved it,but they wanted 12 (2 notes tax) notes for a download,so i`ll wait for the short..............good work fella,loving it,and keep up the good work.

  4. Love this site. Come here on a daily basis to see what artists you have posted about. I've discovered a TON of great music from the groups you've put up and commented on....thanks for that! As far as the podcast goes, I like how you are doing it....came to listen to the music. If I need to know who a certain artists is, I can come here and see who played which song. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the effort it takes to turn us on to a bunch of music that might otherwise slip through the cracks(as Matt said).!!

  5. Thanks all. I'll keep you informed on future developments

  6. Did something happen on the Mixcloud page? It doesn't seem possible to download the shows for off-line listening any more -- even ones I had previously downloaded...

  7. I didn't know you could download the shows Shriner. I thought they were stream only. I'll check the settings tonight.

  8. Using JDownloader, it was possible to "copy link" and download a low-bit-rate 68kbps version of the file (ie, the actual file on the site) which made for listening in the car possible (sort of similar as to how to download really low bit rate YouTube links). I got shows 1-7 that way. Now I can't get 8 (and 1-7 are not gettable any longer, either...) (Maybe put them where we might be able to otherwise get them as well?) Listening on the computer is not as convenient as you might imagine. (If this is a Mixcloud change, then so be it and I'll deal with it but I thought I'd mention it..)