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Friday, 7 July 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show

I Don't Hear A Single's Radio Broadcast gets nearer to beating the number of A Nightmare On Elm Streets tonight. Music featured on here, some that are coming up and a couple of archive songs. Be There Or Be Somewhere Else.

Broadcasting at 8pm UK Time tonight and repeated at the same time tomorrow. You can find the show here.

Here's this week's playlist. Nice bit of J-Pop to start us off from that feller from Weezer.

01 Scott & Rivers - Doo Wop
02 Mimi Betenis - Sound The Alarm
03 Rozwell Kid - Total Mess
04 The Major Labels - Velveteen Queen
05 Richard Turgeon - Bigfoot's An Alien
06 Nick Piunti - Dumb It Down
07 Reachback - The Party's Over
08 The Geezers - All Is Gold
09 Midnight Reruns - Only Child
10 The Relationship - Hate That I Love You
11 Somerdale - Excuse Me
12 Skytone - We Are One
13 KC Bowman - Second Dart
14 Rocket Bureau - Silhouette
15 Mothboxer - The Secret Art Of Saying Nothing
16 Artful Dodger - Wayside

Plenty of New Reviews are coming over the weekend.

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