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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Is 1

I Don’t Hear A Single is 1 Year Old today. It’s been a quiet July thus far, releases slow as the priority becomes Festivals. It was the same last year and that’s why I had the time to return to the public eye with IDHAS.

How this place has taken off has amazed me. I knew that no one was really covering the type of music that is here in the UK, but I didn’t expect the popularity. 10,000 hits a month is beyond any expectations. I only wished that this translated more into Sales for the artists featured here.

Having spent over 8 years with one form or another of Anything Should Happen, writing largely about the unappreciated past, I got tired of hearing that there were no new bands or artists or everything released now is rubbish. This was plainly untrue and I suppose this place proves that.

It’s been a heady 12 months that has expended into a weekly radio show with a second  on the way, greater outside writing, promotion and a wealth of contacts and friends. It’s heartening, because it really is about the music.

The Facebook friend count grew from 500 to almost 4,000 in this time and I’ve had the pleasure of discovering bands from all around the world and meeting so many new people. My frustration is still that the UK scene doesn’t produce as many bands as it should and that opportunities for them to play are decreasing due to the public’s non-attendance of gigs.

Nothing lasts forever and there will be a time when IDHAS loses it’s impact or just becomes Old news. Happily that time seems  far away at the moment. So a big thank you to everyone who visits, listens to a new artist and more importantly buys their work.

People say Power Pop doesn’t sell or interest people. I Don’t Hear A Single would appear to disprove that point.

Thanks to All. You’ve made an old man very happy.


  1. Happy Birthday, big guy - more power to yer elbow!

  2. I'm one of the newer converts, but I've already discovered numerous artists here that I dig. Playing that Midnight Reruns record as I type this.

    Thanks for the site!!!!!