Sunday, 23 July 2017

Star Chamber - Seeing Circles

Los Angeles's Star Chamber offer up their debut album and it's a great listen. The band consist of three Tamaccio's and Corey Bissell and although it's obvious that singer, Amanda will get most of the attention as she fronts the band, they really are the sum of their parts.

Her vocals are sugar sweet and probably more at home in a Power Pop outfit, but there's a real crunch to the band with a great rhythm section and some stunning guitar at times from Bissell. Whilst Star Chamber will get lumped in with the Indie Rock brigade, there is far more to them that.

The Classic Rock solo on Roadrunner and Proto Prog riff on Cold reveal a variance and adaptability unusual in the genre. Sleeper is a wonderful thing, a brooding strum with western overtones, a real gem of a song.

Although Amanda shows she can croon great pop on Take My Hand, almost Fairground Attraction, Star Chamber seem most content as a cross between early Radiohead and Porcupine Tree. Imagine if either of those were fronted by Natalie Merchant and you get the idea.

Seeing Circles is an intriguing mix of styles, beautifully played and captivating. The fact that it's a debut album gives the band even more kudos. Well done all! You can buy the album here.

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