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Friday, 31 December 2021

Gordon's Crowbar - Songs About Stuff


Gordon's Crowbar are a quartet from Auburn WA and Songs About Stuff is wonderful. This is a rock album with no pretensions. Songs are loose, seeming almost jams and the lyrics give the impression of being a stream of consciousness, although they obviously aren't either.

Having said this, nothing outstays its welcome. A riff or groove is hit and it drives home, the rhythm section is outstanding, totally driving. Solos are great without ever occupying more space than is needed and the results are splendid.

The band remind me a lot of Masters Of Reality, but at times the default rhythm could easily be latter day Rush. The vocal has a southern twang that is adorable that just enhances the material. The riffs are absolutely gripping. This is Rock that doesn't batter you into submission.

I'm not sure if the term Groove Rock has been invented but this is that. Any of the nine songs will grab you, but special mention has to be given to the mighty High Treason, although A.D.D runs it close. This is a corking listen. It certainly floats my boat. I'd certainly like to learn more about them.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out a bit more Gordon's Crowbar here.


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