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Saturday, 26 March 2022

Melon Soda - Melon Soda


The self titled debut from Texas Trio Melon Soda is an absolute joy. Essentially Indie Guitar but far far more than that. There is no doubt that vocally this is an American album, but it has far more common with the best of British.

Have no doubt that these three are a Power Trio and as with all great Power Trios there is an ability to stretch themselves into unexpected areas. At one moment they sound like Franz Ferdinand, the next Porcupine Tree. 

The rhythm section dominate the album with a back beat that just grips you. Songs are based on riffs rather than massive solos and the arrangements vary from the simple to time signatures that are exquisite. It is hard to believe that is a debut album. 

If I had to compare the vibe to something that's gone before, it would be Rush's Vapor Trails. But having said that Stick Around is a cross between lounge and Prog. and Karaoke is almost Pop Punk with impressive plank spanking.

Soliloquy could even be easy listening and Daikon is pure Indie Rock. The playing on Thai Hot is awesome on a song that edges towards College Rock. Yet, Paper Palms has the urgency of XTC's Drums And Wires.

Breathe Deep could be Muse without the distorted Guitar and general overkill. The stand out for me though is This Is Us which shows how versatile three people can be. It is Prog of the highest order. The biggest take I got from the album is how great the Bass Guitar is. An outstanding offering that has me absolutely hooked!

You can listen to and buy the album here


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