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Friday, 18 March 2022

The Flashpot Moments - Very Far


Boston's Tim Cawley is The Flashpot Moments and with the help of his collaborators and a big big production, he has fashioned up a real shake out the cobwebs Indie Rock album. The album excels on the big Rock numbers, but there is plenty here for everyone.

I played Itch on the current IDHAS 10 Song Mix and that is one of the Rock outs that edge towards AOR. Itch has a Power Pop verse and a Bon Jovi-ish verse and then there's a keyboard Run that sounds very early Cars. There's a hell of a lot going on in the song.

Jealous sounds even bigger and Trust U is splendid and even more AOR. So the 1 2 3 intro to Very Far gives you a slightly wrong impression. What follows these opening songs treads a different road. Fun Is Hard has a jaunty Piano Pop chorus, very different to what's gone before. 

Palindrome is a strumming laidback affair that threatens to break out but never does. Don't Know It Yet could be a prime time Styx ballad. Beautiful, Unkillable starts with a big Guitar intro, but is very Organ led, it reminds me a little of It's Karma, It's Cool at times.

An Interruption is epic, a Brit Pop Riff matched with a massive Queen or Muse like chorus. The Crowd That Was is a beautifully arranged closer, slightly melancholic with hypnotic Cello and a Modern Prog like close. A fitting come down after all that has preceded it.

Very Far also works because after two years of lockdown, there is something refreshing about being allowed to break away from the acoustic strumming of that period. It may be an album that is a bit over the top, but what is wrong with that. Excess rather than restraint is no bad thing.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about The Flashpot Moments here.


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