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Thursday 13 June 2024

Fuzziliers - Sail The Seven Seas


We introduced you to Fuzziliers at the start of the year, before we got into the all dominating Best Of Year listing. The band's debut EP, Would You Believe, was a fine listen and you can read the review here. The mix of styles and genres shone through the EP and the same thing applies on this debut album, only on a bigger canvas.

For those who want a quick start to what Fuzziliers do, the opening title track sort of throws everything into one song, chopping and changing across multiple genres with ease, there's even a little Jazz Rock added. Indeed one of the band's strengths is how they begin a song as one thing and end it as another.

This approach never gets over the top, in fact the songs are arranged perfectly. From the part Toytown, part Music Hall joy of Dirty Unicorn. Never Let You Down is great Soft Rock whilst Try is jaunty Pop Rock of the highest order with an ace bandstand accompaniment.

This is Love mixes 60s Psych with West Coast Vocal Harmony Pop and a Glam Rock Guitar solo. No No No combines 1974 UK Glam Rock with Southern or Classic Rock. There are many other big footsteps into the likes of Brit Pop, Psych and Prog.

For a band from St Petersburg who reside in Turkey, the album shows that influences are worldwide and never more so on the splendid Mention Me which reveals the full creativity of a pretty unique band in an every day latch on to the current big thing world.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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