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Wednesday 5 June 2024

Ward White - Here Comes The Dowsers


As long time supporters of Ward White, we are delighted to see him on Roger Houdaille's excellent Think Like A Key label. As you might expect, White continues his usual inventive take on Art Rock with his plummy vocal and unique storytelling, but at times this feels like his commercial album yet.

Whereas you normally expect the Bowie-esque stylings of Cliffhanger, with lots and lots of words, that takes on an extra dimension with its Guitar solo. There is also an out and out killer Pop Rock song in the opener, Continuity.

It doesn't end there. Our Town is so damn catchy with its killer chorus, slight Jangle and background Piano Pop, there's even some whistling. Pick Up Your Face is even as close as Ward White will ever get, it is a splendid song.

This is not to say that White has forgotten what he is about. There is still plenty of the wonderful storytelling that he is noted for. His writing lets you imagine the scenes of the characters and events that he betrays.

There is also the magnificent closer Speak, Harry. Superbly arranged, moody and melancholic, it is a fitting curtain on a fine album. The title track is also an example of what White excels at, 70s sounding smoothness, lyrical excellence and a hook all chorus.

Here Comes The Dowsers is his best album yet. There is plenty of what established fans will admire, but there are also lighter, poppier moments that will hopefully bring many more. The man masters his own patch, but it would be nice if there was more general appreciation of his unique talent.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on CD or as a download.


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