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Monday 10 June 2024

Kelley Stoltz - La Fleur

Kelley Stoltz is not new, this is his eighteenth album, so appearing here must mean he is under appreciated and he is, in spades. Truth be known, Stoltz could write any of the more exalted peers' offerings, but I doubt that any could write an album of his.

Steve Kilbey may go part way, certainly Psych Pop wise and Lloyd Cole, vocally perhaps, but could either  produce an album as stunning as this. The unusual arrangements, the changes of direction, instruments joining the fray and the control of tempo.

Stoltz is primarily known for Psych Pop, but it is not the meandering riff of 60s Pop that you associate with that genre. It is a laidback, almost pastoral version of the genre, understated, almost unnoticeable unless you are a fan of the wonders of the genre.

But is has never been just about that, even more relevant in his more recent work. My review of his last album, The Stylist can be found here. That is a wonderful album, but La Fleur takes the variety even further. There is a Jangle at times that effortlessly draws you in.

Pop Rock choruses take over on occasion that completely surprise you. A song like About Time is mesmerising both instrumentally and in its Bowie like delivery. Jason Falconer guests on two songs, Hide In A Song and Make Believer, both are the most commercial here and may even be the outstanding songs.

It is unusual for me not to talk more about the songs, but as well as being an album of splendid individual songs, La Fleur is an album to be taken in whole, start to finish. It is a journey that you will not regret. It is also heartwarming to see the album on one of the better labels out there, Dandy Boy Records.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl, CD or as a download.


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