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Tuesday 18 June 2024

Pantomime Horses - Forever Polyester


I've had the album for a while awaiting release and struck up conversations with Guitarist, Tony Laming, who is bang on our wavelength and if ever there was an album that you could say gets close to what IDHAS does, it is this.

The trio were in a band from Portsmouth called Candystash in the early 90s. Rob Silber moved to South Africa thereafter and Tony has lived in Spain for the past 20 years. Drummer, Nigel Kirkby is the third member of the trio. The threesome made contact with each other again four years ago.

Thus Pantomime Horses were born and here is the resulting album. The three finally met up again over Christmas 2023. Darrin's Subjangle label is the perfect choice to release the album. The Physical CD is released next Monday. It can be pre-ordered now and the download is already available.

Forever Polyester really is right up our street. Silber's storytelling songwriting makes the album special, but all three provide a genre defying sound. Covering everything from Brit Pop to Psych Pop, Indie Rock to Pop Rock.

At times the band sounds like a laidback understated Big Big Train or even vocally a laidback Custard Flux, Silber certainly sounds Gabriel-esque at times. Pantomime Horses are equally at home with the great  intelligent gravitas Indie of the 80s, but equally are not afraid of 60s Beat Pop.

For Psych Pop lovers like myself, Paris Garden is as good an example of the genre as you are likely to hear. There's also the wonderful Dressed Like Elvis which is a cross between Glasgow late 80s and UK Beat Pop with a great keyboard run.

YLF borders on Electronica whilst Plastic Glasses mixes Jangle Pop with great Organ. Lily Molita underlines the great storytelling, very Brit Pop, wonderfully so. whilst Morning Star gets very Dropkick. The album is not to be missed, it is a stellar listen. The type you hear so infrequently these days.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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