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Tuesday 18 June 2024

Raised On TV - Make Time To Make Time


Raised On TV reach their fifth album and still manage to sound as fresh and enthusiastic as a new band with their debut album. Los Angeles's Keaton Rogers and Kacey Greenwood are awash with a California Sun Sound, yet sound so Brit. Everything is so damned catchy.

Greenwood's vocal still sounds so 80s UK, wonderfully gentle, a little Manc maybe complimenting songs that are the Guitar Pop side of Indie Rock that equally fit the commercial current Indie sound enough to build a wide audience, but will also appeal to the older Power Pop fans.

Yet Make Time To Make Time opens the album with a great Indie Pop example that sounds so 80s. Just Wanted To Tell You is a cracking slice of Upbeat Pop, but from then on, the album is a riff led joy, wonderfully so.

Back In The Sun battles to be the album's best song, but the quality overall makes this a hard task. The song is all Brit Pop, summer sounding with its frantic riff, yet still sounds a little California Surf, no main feat.

Waiting On A Girl is all Glasgow Jangle, Story Without An End enters Lightning Seeds territory with a particularly effective arrangement whilst Road Dogs picks up the pace and adds an urgent Fuzz. The Wonder Of Things cries out for a Boyband cover yet still adds another addictive riff.

The ability to say what you want to say and then get off helps the album enormously. In the wrong hands, songs would be extended by a minute with repeated choruses. Make Time To Make Time is a joyous celebration of harmony and melody that allows the songs to become earworms and that is a great thing.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl, CD or as a download.


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