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Sunday, 1 April 2018

All I Wanna Do Is...........................Review

IDHAS was only meant to be in a little cupboard in the corner of North West England. It has become so multi faceted that it's a bit frustrating. It's all wonderful of course, but I fret it's losing sight of what it is actually about.

It was started to review new and under appreciated artists on a if I like it, you may too sort of basis. As I Don't Hear A Single branched off in all directions, it's main aim has been put on the back burner.
Today was set aside for reviews, as was the Easter Weekend, there are potential 60 albums I could tell you about and yearn to do so.

I've spent most of the day talking to musicians about future projects and although it's a great situation to be in, those Reviews are still waiting to be written. Skype Life is fun, but it leaves the IDHAS Pages blank.

So I'm thinking the plan will be to avoid all distractions for the next week. I can reply to messages, emails, etc as and when I break away from the Reviews. It may result in overload for readers as they see lots of Reviews. Buck it gives the Blog a restart and makes me feel more comfortable with what is happening there.

If you've been waiting for a Review, it will appear during the upcoming week. After tomorrow that will be UK Evening Time onwards. Nothing changes in the IDHAS world and other things continue to evolve. I just feel that the Blog needs to get back to where it was and then it can progress at the leisurely pace that suits us all.


  1. Keep up the good work, one of the best blogs on "our" kinda music, the best kind!!

    Seriously I've been alerted to some great artists over here, tons in fact:)

    All the best & keep on rocking....

  2. Thanks for your uplifting words. Much appreciated