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Sunday, 18 December 2022

The Green Pajamas - Forever For A Little While


A new album from The Green Pajamas is always something to look forward to. Last Year's Sunlight May Weigh Even More was in the Top 30 of IDHAS's Best Albums of 2021 and Forever For A Little While is very much a continuation of that album.

No band contrasts Psych Pop with what could be loosely described as Americana as this band, that is if any do at all and at times the two are combined. The Psych Pop can also get into more Psychedelic territory, likewise the slower songs can be more straight ahead Pop.

Take for instance, Constance Gray, a song where Eric Lichter takes the vocals for a real atmospheric countryish feel. but still the urge to add an unexpected Psych Guitar run cannot be resisted. Laura Weller takes the vocals on the splendid Toytown of Give Me A Penny. These diversions only add to the variety, as well as giving Jeff Kelly a break.

I've Got Love is a splendid tread into pure pop, a gem of a song. The Hidden Fortress has an eastern feel to its top notch Psych and The Devastating Night is simply magnificent in its scope, revealing that Psych can be way out whilst still incredibly melodic. 

Few could write a song as straight ahead as Touched Her That Way with a sort of Stones like Rhythm and yet add all sorts of instrumental diversions, again it wants to be Psych Pop. Then there is Six Minutes In Heaven, a song that is probably the base template Jeff Kelly song.

"Six Minutes" is everything that I would ever want to hear in a Psych Pop offering and the reason why I love the genre so much. To me Kelly stands in a field of his own. No one writes and performs such interesting and listenable material in his field. The King Of Psych Pop? Very Possibly!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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