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Saturday 10 December 2022

Buddie - Transplant EP


IDHAS regulars will love this. Buddie are based in Vancouver after Band leader Dan Forrest's move from Philadelphia and the quartet have quickly become an active part of the Vancouver Indie Scene. This EP is a precursor for their second album which will be released in early 2023.

Very much centred around Forrest as guitarist and vocalist, the songs are very 90s Indie Guitar Pop at heart, wonderfully melodic, but with tentacles that stretch into other areas. There is also further proof that you can do Fuzz without it dominating the song at the expense of melody and catchiness.

Personally I can't wait for the album and this EP gives just a sampler of the delights in store. Sunday Morning has a real San Francisco 67 vibe on the verse before bursting out into ace Jangle and Fuzz. Take What's Left is a little slower, even a little Jayhawks at times.

Northern Skies begins like a Rush mid 80s song, the type that non fans heard and realised that the band weren't Prog any more, much nearer to Pop, particularly on the choruses, than you imagined. Indecision is splendidly atmospheric and moody, gentle, although seeming desperate to break out fully. .

Finally, there is demo of Take What's Left which reveals how the song grew. But what it also does is allow you to notice the lyrical depth and excellence. This made me go back to the lyrics of the other songs and that songwriting quality shouts out across the EP.

Subjects include the move to a different country and the effects of the lockdowns without ever preaching or whining. A classic example of serious messages cocooned in jaunty arrangements. The future looks bright for Buddie and that is so reassuring in these days of Covers and Auto Tune.

You can listen to and buy the EP here. You can find out more about Buddie here.


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