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Friday, 30 December 2022

Skeleton Staff - Malapropism


You are in for quite a ride Ladies and Gentleman! Sydney's Skeleton Staff are wonderfully bombastic in an early Queen sort of the way and have the over the top ability and wit to challenge The Darkness. Yet a song such as She Made Believe In Make Believe Again is pure Dance.

Oh and they are a cartoon band! But thankfully not as piss poor as Gorillaz, another cartoon band, that no one likes to admit are incredibly mediocre. One minute they could be in a Broadway Show, the next they could be major Stadium Rock stars.

Take for instance, the opener Investiture. There is so much going on its two and a half minutes, you need a breather to get over it. You want Pop Rock, well here is Hand Up In The Sky which is classic 70s Album wonderment.

You Only Good In Pictures is savvy 80s New Wave, yet Is This Thing Gonna Work Out could be prime time Robbie Williams and a Hair Metal Guitar Solo takes over the show. Paranoia Stakes barrels along to a UK Glam Romp stomp.

Bugger All is great 70s Piano Pop, You're Gonna Fly Too is a real show stopper, almost Disney and The Heart of The Sun is a bigger than big Brit Pop anthem. A and R is a cross between funk and Power Pop, wonderfully bizarre with some Lounge Lizard thrown in and a biting wit of a lyric. 

Harlots is comic Opera, even a little Toytown with a cockernee barrow boy vibe and a Brian May like solo. Malapropism is just so damn melodic with exceptional twists and turns. Forget the cartoon band bit, this is chorus after chorus and an absolute adventure. Simply Wonderful!

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about Skeleton Staff here.


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