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Saturday 31 December 2022

Fuzzbubble - Cult Stars From Mars


Wow, the legendary Fuzzbubble return over two decades on. The first Rock band to be signed to Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment and legendary despite just the one album proper, the self titled 2000 album and what an album it is and recently released as a 20th Anniversary Edition.

Reunions after such a long time usually result in disappointment, but Cult Stars From Mars is an absolute joy. It will get labelled as Power Pop, but this is Pop Rock at its finest and most direct. Choruses, Riffs, Melody and good old singalongs will be released.

Everything you would want to know about the band is contained in nigh on five minutes of the title track. The ideal position of somewhere between Jellyfish and Cheap Trick is underlined in the constant change of direction of that opener.

Can't Wait To See You is so much the latter and Regretfully Yours so Jellyfish, but summing up the return evokes memories of Dream Police. That's not to say that Fuzzbubble are copyists in any shame or form. Despite Cheap Trick's recent return to form, I just wish they could sound this urgent.

Goodbye My Friend is great McCartney Pop and By My Side is splendid AOR. One Chord Progression is prime time Enuff Z'Nuff at times and I Like That Song is Stadium Rock at its finest. The Window even ventures into heavier parts with Jim Bacchi becoming Jimmy Page.

The trio of DiCarlo - Bacchi - Camiolo show that talent isn't temporary. Mark DiCarlo's pipes in particular are in superb form. Plus the guest list includes Mike Portnoy, Jeff Scott Soto, Darian Sajanaja and Chip Z'Nuff. Absolutely Wonderful!

You can listen to and buy the album here. The CD is available from Kool Kat here.


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