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Tuesday 13 December 2022

Steve Robinson & Ed Woltil - Shadow Play


Steve Robinson's last album, Swallowing The Sun, was one of the most popular albums on I Don't Hear A Single last year (You can read the IDHAS Review here) and to follow the rave reviews, Robinson teams up with Ed Woltil for their second album together, & years after the debut.

Although Pastoral Pop generally covers the description, there is a wonderful knot that ties the differences between the two. The Folk Pop of Robinson with the Indie Guitar Pop of Woltil, the pensive mixed with the jaunty, the acoustic meeting the electric,

It works beautifully, particularly the combination of vocals and although I think many IDHAS followers will be particularly drawn to the Guitar Pop, everything blends together without fault. As with Swallowing The Sun, Dave Gregory adds his Guitar mastery to two songs which makes Shadow Play even more essential.

Gregory adds Guitar to Life On A Trampoline and Ultramarine, two very different songs. The former is poptastic, bordering at times on Toytown, yet the latter is an epic moodier piece, a little Prog in places with a killer chorus. The arrangement is outstanding and Gregory's playing is as great as anything he has ever added to.

The stand out here though is the wonderful piano pop of The Way You Love Him, a little Nick Heyward, a little Aztec Camera maybe. It really is a joy. Elsewhere, Kickstart is very Gerry Rafferty,  On The Way To My Appointment With Death is an ace slice of Folk Pop.

The title track is a splendid example of 70s American Pop Rock and Vulgar Tongue may be Acoustic, but is venomous with some top notch vocal harmony. and Make Amends is a fine closer, Simon and Garfunkel-ish. Shadow Play is proof that Pop doesn't have to be in your face to grip you. A wonderful duo, a wonderful match, a wonderful album!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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  1. Thanks so much for these very kind words of review. You’re so good to us Mr V; cheers!
    Steve R.