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Saturday, 17 December 2022

The Mellons - Introducing… The Mellons!


I'm really surprised that this hasn't been covered around the Power Pop places, although I suspect it will further divide the old and the new supporters. It is more than a little Pet Sounds at times and even more so in tone and feel, but what is wrong with that?

Those set in their ways will remark about not needing another Pet Sounds, what's wrong with the one we've got? The lovers of the new will say how refreshing it is to hear a debut album that trends the harmonic Psych Pop of the mid 60s when albums started to become more important to the serious music fan than singles. 

I think you know where I stand and the Salt Lake City quartet nail both the sound and the times as well as having the ability to offer up great songs when the world is not exactly winning the fight against  autotune and releases written by 15 people.

When the harmonies flow, this does sound very Brian Wilson, particularly on the likes of So Much To Say and Strawberry Girl. But there is plenty more here other than just that. Salad Made Of Butterflies is a wonderful slice of |Psych and What A Time To Be Alive is Blue Mink jaunty.

Its Just A Phase is a classic example of lets do the show right here and Devil's Advocaat feels so Bacharach with big hints of Toytown,  Hello Sun is like an oompah version of the Nimble Advert and the closer Surprise is something that would easily fit on ELO's Eldorado.

Introducing is a really inventive piece of work. Delightful at times, a little mind blowing on the odd occasion. It may remind you of other things that were done over 50 years ago, but it is also of the now. It is a fantastic piece of work and very very listenable. Highly Recommended!


You can buy the album here. You can find out more about The Mellons here.


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