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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Luck of Eden Hall - The Acceleration Of Time

Whilst I ponce around in suit, tie and waistcoat pretending to be a Pop Empresario, I'm a little behind on reviews which will arrive here over the next few days. In the meantime my great friend Mick Dillingham has been utilised to review the current Luck Of Eden Hall album. Mick covered the band in greater detail here in our early days.

When Anything Should Happen began over 8 years ago, my main compardre was Mick. We shared similar tasted and both of us were really excited about bands who didn't get enough attention, past and present. 

There are bands that I cherish and confidently know, even without even hearing a single note that any new album is going to be yet another ten out of ten classic of creative splendour.  The Luck of Eden Hall's latest platter upon us and the same rules apply.

The Acceleration of Time was never going to be better than or not quite as good as what has gone before because what has gone before has always perfection You can absolutely guarantee any new release by the band is going to be equally magnificent. As of course it is just that,  because with The Luck of Eden Hall it always is.

There are a lot of excellent psychedelic bands to enjoy these days but this lot are effortlessly and without doubt in my mind the finest of the lot.  Brilliant songs, adventurous, masterful production and dazzling musical skills are the benchmarks here.

All this is combined with an absolute love for what they are creating and this makes the band a constant joy to behold. So what have they rolled out so resplendently for us this time you ask? Fifteen tracks of excellent acid tinged creativity opening with the guitar driven, mellotron soaked, hook laden pop perfection of  Slow. It bursts out of the speakers in breathless pandemonium.

Greg Curvey and Mark Lofgren seem to have a bottomless well of melodies to call upon and as always there’s not a single moment of weakness or filler in the song department. While the band never shirk from the psychedelic riches that we love them for.

There is a progressive detail to the musicianship that subtly grows with each album as they challenge themselves to complex detailed playing of the highest order. What a wonderful listen this brilliant album is from start to finish. The Luck of Eden Hall are a truly classic combo to take to your heart and never let go.

You can listen to and buy the album here.  It is also available on CD and a Special Edition Pop Up CD. Sadly both double LP Vinyl Editions are sold out now.

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