Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Tiny Little Houses - Idiot Proverbs

Caleb Karvountzis is becoming something of a spokesman for the Slacker Generation. Tiny Little Houses's debut album, Idiot Proverbs, builds on those previous EP's to ram home how pissed off this lost generation is with all the false promises.

The only surprise here for the first time listener here is that this quartet are from Melbourne, not Seattle or Philadelphia. Caleb's vocal whine reminds me a lot of another of my favourite albums, Sean MacDonald's Parasites And Kings.

At times there's a stream of consciousness to the lyrics, particularly on the likes of Nowhere, SA. Influences are all there, some may hear Weezer, others The Pixies. Short Hair has essences of Grunge until that Weezer Chorus. The lyrics may be down, but there's a cleverness to them that is similar in the 90's Art Rock bands, even the bright Popsters like The Sugarplastic.

The Fi is definitely Lo and the sentiments may not ring with all who see this crowd as happy to spend more time with a VR Headset On than on the street. However this doesn't mean Tiny Little Houses can't play, because they can and some.

This is a corking slice of ache, a cracking little listen that has me itching to hear what comes next. I love Idiot Proverbs. For those who are getting overloaded with the Jangle Pop coverage around at present, this is different and certainly a fulfilling listen.

You can buy the album everywhere.

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