Thursday, 19 July 2018

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show Episode 52

A break off from the backlog of Reviews to tell you about tomorrow night's Radio Show which is speeding it's way across to KOR Radio. 18 new songs for your aural stimulation. Thanks to my good friend, Sal Nunziato for discovering this week's Cover Photo.

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Excitement is broadcast on KOR Radio at 8pm UK Time on Fridays, repeated at the same time on Saturdays. Due to increased popularity, a Monday Night Repeat has been added at 8pm.

You can listen to it here.

Also, a reminder that the show is archived the following week on Mixcloud. You can listen to the other fifty shows and two Xmas Specials here. Last week's IDHAS 51 will be up on Mixcloud later tonight.

Here's this week's playlist :

01 TGL - Hic Medeiros
02 Circa 62 - Two In The Clip
03 Danny Wilkerson - Too Much Of A Good Thing
04 V Sparks - Hollywood
05 The Davenports - I Don't Know What to Do
06 Jeff Whalen - Soylent Blue
07 Lannie Flowers - The One
08 Lovebites - Just Fall
09 The Speedways - In Common With You
10 Crystal Drive - Execute
11 Ex Norwegian - Marquee 1970's
12 The Stoplight Roses - Kronos
13 The Skullers - I'm Your Man
14 Optiganally Yours - How Do You Feel
15 Dave Paulson - My Old Man
16 Michael Slawter - Summer's Kind
17 Three Hour Tour - You Never Know
18 Valentine - Black Dog

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