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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Rob Bonfiglio - Trouble Again

Rob Bonfiglio is consistently great, whether it be his adventures with Wanderlust and The Skies Of America or his excellent solo career and Trouble Again, his fourth solo album, enhances that reputation. Bonfiglio has developed his own patch, somewhere between Hall And Oates and Matthew Sweet.

There's plenty of similar comparisons here, but the Power Pop is even sharper and the Philly Pop Rock, more melodic, more fleshed out even. Indeed there are times when the UK Pop Rock giants of the 70's spring to mind, particularly Pilot on Trouble Again's chorus and all of Spread The Feeling.

He's also managed to out Matthew Sweet, Sweet in a manner similar to Chris Church last year. Passenger Seat and Spread This Feeling are the type of sonjgs that Sweet seems unable or unwilling to write these days.

Gone and There Goes My Heart are pure Philly Soul. Love Over Hurt could be The Eagles. Mr No One is Melodic Pop is Pop Rock Of the highest order. , constantly changing direction, there's a hell of a lot in it's four and a half minutes. Hey Blue is almost Styx, a fine AOR Affair.

Trouble Again is all that you could want in a Pop Rock album. You can listen to and buy the album here. You can also buy an Acoustic Version of the album there and at Kool Kat here. You can also buy from the likes of CD Baby here.

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  1. Excellent review of an excellent album! Thank you, Don Valentine!