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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Balkan Falcon - MMishering Light

There's a hell of a lot going on on Balkan Falcon's debut full length album. Indeed, the opener, BF IS BTS has an album worth of ideas in itself. Anyone fancying a quiet evening should look away. The noisy Baltimore Trio's sound certainly fills a room.

It's really hard to define what they do, because the influences are wonderfully all over the place. You think Post Punk Pop and then a song like J Robby Is Pissed enters the fray which is all Prog or Psych Pop.

Having said that, there are real traces of Garage Rock, even Metal, but all are built around angular New Wave Riffs. Some times they feel like Noise Pop, at others, they hit the Clever Clever sound of Mew, particularly on Rasmussen The Assen which becomes almost Alex Harvey.

A final reference would be a more melodic Stooges, but have no doubt that this trio can play, Gary Lee Barrett is certainly a guitarist of some ability. Very Andy Summers at times. The band's constant tempo changes work beautifully, particularly on the poppy Up All Nite.

The closer, Skyhopper, is almost Rush in Vapor Trails mode. With all the references that I've mentioned here, you'll have worked out this is a diverse album. But, it's Pop Sensibilities are there and Psych and Prog fans will love it just as much as the New Wavers and Garage Rockers. It's a corker of an album.

The album is released tomorrow. In the meantime you can listen to the three songs embedded in this review and buy the album here. It's a bargain 7 dollars.

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