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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Odd Robot - Amnesiatic

One of my favourite albums from last year was Odd Robot's A Late Night Panic. You can read that review here. I'm surprised that the Californian Quartet didn't catch on quicker after that outstanding debut album. The great news is that the follow up album, Amnesiatic is now with us and so you can remedy that loss.

Amnesiatic moves full blast into Power Pop. You can imagine the title track on the Stiff Label, equally Rescue, Rescue could be on Bomp. Billie Joe Armstrong's The Longshot have been garnering deserved praise this year, well this album is every bit as good. It also benefits from it's brevity. 14 songs in 30 minutes is Ramones like.

A song such as Cemetary Business Model has a fine hook and a big Rock Riff. Green And Yellow as a song is nothing like The Proclaimers, but the song structure is. Boil Through is a sped up joy with a solo akin to The Motors.

Hole Inside is so Joe Jackson, but with a Glam Rock Riff. West Coast Girls is rocked up Mod Pop. The biggest surprise is the closer, Screech The Turns. It's over three minutes and a slow strum. After the 100 mph journey to the last track, this is a fine closer, showing another string to Odd Robot's bow.

Amnesiatic races through at lightning speed, it's a fine fine listen and a suitably great second album.It's heads down great Power Pop. More of a UK feel this time, but a cracking listen. I can't recommend the album more highly.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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