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Sunday, 19 August 2018

David James Situation - Redondo Sunset

I reviewed David James Situation's third album, Aquarian Comedown, last year. You can read that review here. I'm delighted that number four has now been released. The great news is that everything that was great about Aquarian Comedown is present, but with added va va voom.

Home is pure Deep Purple with it's John Lord like keyboard riff.  The title track is a Prog Pop two minute instrumental. Even a song like Any Other Day which is AOR in essence fits in a killer Pop Rock Chorus that is very Chris Rainbow and then there's the Thin Lizzy guitar solo.

The opener Infra Riot romps in with a killer riff and is followed by Faces which is Space Rock with an addictive synth riff, probably my favourite track. In fact, choruses are a big thing here and James can certainly write them, Believe being another example.

I Should Know is more familiar territory, it's a jangling two minute Power Pop Treat with a fantastic solo to match. Lay It Down is much heavier, almost Southern Rock. Trying And Flying is built around an acoustic strum when all around it is trying to break out.

Redondo Sunset is fantastic Melodic Rock, it's less in your face than Aquarian Comedown could be, nearer AOR and it works wonderfully. This is because the song structure and writing is so good. Melodic Rock isn't about Living On A prayer or The Final Countdown it's about this. David James Situation deserve a much greater audience, it what this music is made for.

You can buy Redondo Sunset and DJS's back catalogue here. You can also buy at CD Baby and listen to sound samples at both sites.

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