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Sunday, 5 August 2018

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Update

I Don't Hear A Single Radio is now on a Summer Break. However, this week's show will be the last on KOR Radio. There is no animosity involved, indeed if it hadn't have been for the support and encouragement of KOR, I would never have started the Radio adventure. They have always been there to assist me and I am forever grateful.

On it's return, the IDHAS Radio Show will continue in it's present format, but it will be on a number of Stations to give the artists the widest exposure possible. It will allow the show to be broadcast at the most convenient time for the audience of most countries, bearing in mind the time differences to the UK.

It will also feature where most people expect to find Power Pop, Pop Rock and Psych Pop, as well as looking to expand listeners. It will still feature weekly on Mixcloud.

Following on soon from that will be details of a 2 hour show, the second half of which will feature the IDHAS Radio Show. There's lots more IDHAS news to come, but first let's get the current Radio Show bedded in.

I'll announce the locations of where IDHAS Radio 55 will appear as soon as all is finalised. In the intervening fortnight, you can listen to the archive on Mixcloud.