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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Extra Arms - Headacher

This is more of a heads up really as I don't want to give too much away. It's been two long years since Ryan Allen's wonderful Basement Punk album, you can read that review here.  When Allen was playing shows for that album, his assembled stage band developed outstanding live reviews.

So for Headacher, that live quartet became a band and Extra Arms was born. Some of you may know of Ryan from his assistance on Nick Piunti's albums or from his solo play everything himself albums. Well, he had a great band history before his solo days and the new four piece really works.

The album sounds even more rounded and it's noisier than Allen's solo stuff, if that's positive. It's all hooks and solos. There is still the anger, but it's far more framed. From the window smashing speed of You Make The Life You Want and the New Wave drive of the excellent Push The Button to the acoustic closer, The Last One, this is exceptional material.

There's even a song that would be at home on a Nick Piunti album, the splendid Honey Brown. I know some Top 20's for the year that come out, bizarrely, in October. Well I wouldn't advise many of my peers to take this approach.

Headacher is released in all formats on 12 October, you can pre-order the Limited Edition Vinyl now by heading here. The uninitiated can also catch up with the Ryan Allen Back Catalogue there. There will be a full album review nearer the release date.

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