Friday, 14 September 2018

I Don't Hear A Single News

It's nearly the middle of the month, so I'd better get out of my golden slumber and do something. The weekend will be chock full of reviews as I pull my finger out and write things on IDHAS,

On Monday, I'll tell you about the new Radio Show, a 2 hour affair with chatting and everything. Behind the scenes I've been arranging Sessions and Interviews for that. The regular hour long I Don't Hear A Single Mix will be back next week as well.

Finally, there's some news that I'm dying to tell you all about, but won't until it's all a done deal. A little clue is it's about a label and distribution. This is what has been taking up the early parts of the last few months. I'm hoping to be able to announce it all at some stage next week.

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  1. Reviews delayed by Network Problems here. They'll be up as soon as the issue is sorted.