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Thursday 27 September 2018

The Stan Laurels - Maybe

Austin Texas's John Lathrop is The Stan Laurels. His Third Album is the Soundtrack for Lex Lybrand's Maybe Shower. Don't be fooled by the Soundtrack label though. These are not snippets of instrumental twaddling, all nine offerings stand up alone and combine to make a fine album.

There's a lot going on in the songs and considering Lathrop played everything himself, the greatest compliment you can pay is that it sounds like a band recorded them. Guitar Solos burst out, combined at times with an 80's synth sound. all suiting his laid back vocals.

Maximum Zen edges into Psych, Door #1 is classic Fountains Of Wayne type Power Pop and maybe the best song on the album. In fact, the FOW comparisons are often to be heard as are hints of Sloan. The harmonies on Where I Want To Be hint at Teenage Fanclub.

Maybe is probably most people's choice of single, I've only not embedded it here, because there's a couple of songs that I really want you to hear. Maybe is a mixture of Cars like synths and out and out harmonic Power Pop. The riff just hooks you.

The album is another plus, yes another, on Ray Gianchetti's Kool Kat Label. The label has been prolific in the number and quality of releases lately. You can buy the CD from Kool Kat here. You can listen to and buy the album as a download here,

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