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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Lisa Mychols - Sugar

Lisa Mychols is back and we should all celebrate that. Whilst there are many contenders for King Of Power Pop, Mychols is certainly the Queen Bee of the hive. Her sugar sweet vocals adorn these 11 songs. Her Queen title is safe and sound, although the album is less about Power and far more about great pop.

It's been quite a while since her last album, five years on from the glorious Above, Beyond And In Between and I think everyone was more than ready for the next adventure. The Pop Community knew it would be great and will it on simply because of the support that Lisa gives to others in the same field.

Unsurprisingly, Sugar is wonderful. It continues her reputation as a modern day Rachel Sweet or even taking over the mantle of Kirsty MacColl. The album has a very 60's Pop feel. but there's plenty more present than just that.

Domino has a verse that has a UK 80's chirp and rolls swiftly along, Goodbye To All Carousels is splendidly Saint Etienne and Next To Impossible is Bond Theme like. My Friend And Me allows you to feel the ache with the Organ drifting in beautifully.

Into Oblivion is chanteuse in it's feel and although the Power Pop is still around with He's Got Me Dreaming, a song like Messages To The Muse with it's hypnotic brooding shows how varied the album is. Having said all of this, it's still great to hear Mychols excel on trademark 60's Pop like One Revolution and Loving You Baby.

All in all, in a three decade career and even considering her magnificent collaboration with Wondermints, this is probably Lisa Mychols most accomplished album and I can't pay it a greater compliment than that.

You can buy the CD here and the download from CD Baby here.

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