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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Beauty Stab - O Eden EP

On IDHAS. there can be a given impression that the youth of today are just regurgitating hipsters, a theory largely exaggerated by me and there is a reason for this. All around my local scene, I see large beards promoting bands that no one has heard of and when you actually listen to them, it's all mediocre wannabe Bunnymen.

People encourage my Adventures With Hipsters Themes, but the truth is this Brussel Sprout munching rubbish is ruining two vibrant cities, why put your X Box Controller down when music offers up this rubbish. So I always make a point of highlighting exceptions to this frustrating theme. One such example is Beauty Stab.

I've always admired Vukovar from a distance as a sort of Post Punk originality that you could dance to. Out of the ashes of that band come Beauty Stab, a sort of intelligent, non plinkity plonk Soft Cell for the Smartphone generation.

The title track has Dan Shea channelling Edwyn Collins, accompanied by a Duck Rock beat. It's wonderfully hypnotic. Shea croons like a torch singer and it's just ace. My good friend, Peter Fitzpatrick, who is the keeper of all things Synth Pop will absolutely love this.

Clothes is far more industrial, a sort of Depeche Mode go Goth. It has a splendid clunk click accompaniment. The gem here though, to these Can loving ears, is Need You Around, it's wonderfully atmospheric, almost Krautpop. It'll be interesting to hear it mixed with all the Power Pop and Psych on an upcoming I Don't Hear A Single Radio Show.

This is not the normal sort of music that you'd read about on IDHAS and that's what makes it so special. O Eden is an EP bustling with ideas that have been thought through. There are so many influences to be heard and yet it's so original. Well done Metal Postcard for bring this to the world.

You can listen to and buy this here.


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