Saturday, 23 March 2019

Sports Team - Keep Walking! EP

There's been a lot of talk about Harlesden's Sports Team over the past 12 months. The release of their second EP, Keep Walking, following on from last year's Winter Nets, shows that the six piece are no flash in the pan. It's as though the band are grabbing the UK's Indie scene by the throat and giving it "This Is How It's Done" shake.

These five songs gather tons of ideas and craft songs about the banal and minutiae into a poptastic affair. Creatively strong, they possess a great front man in the dapper, Alex Rice. There's also a difference to previous pretenders in the band's ability to cut it Live. Indeed they may be at their best on stage.

The lead song here is a magnificent peaen to the M5 Motorway, a song much praised by Steve Lamacq and something for me to agree with him for once. Get Along is the stand out here, to these ears, a real strum along, the vocal is a bit Brandon Flowers before he spent too long in the Synth Shop.

There's also a killer Bass riff on the hilarious, Ski Lifts, it's almost Cypress Hill. Casper is another gem, Rice comes across all Noo Yawk with it's lounge lizard vibe, almost Bowie like. There's plenty of comparisons present here, from Pulp to The Divine Comedy, but the overall feeling is one of pure joy. Perhaps Indie Pop will witness a revival and Sports Team may very well carry the lead banner.

You can listen to and buy the EP everywhere. The 12 Inch is particularly lovely.


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