Saturday, 2 March 2019

Rainbow Danger Club - Treehouse Empire

Rainbow Danger Club have been lobbed into the Prog Crowd and listening to the excellent new album. Treehouse Empire, you'd wonder why the hell why. The only semblance of Prog is the excellent The Day The Earth Stood Still which is the only noisy thing on the album and veers towards Psych Pop anyway.

The rest of this joyous album, is laid back Pop Rock and it's really really good, in fact much better than that. This is beautifully arranged Pop Rock with unexpected twists and turns. Formed in Shangai and relocated to Austin Texas, the band offer up a cracking listen.

From the hypnotic keyboard riff of the opener, Homemade Rocket, to the meandering So-Cal of the closer, Livin' The Dream, with it's Alan Parsons Project feel, this is one hell of an album. A song like Moon Song reminds me of Mr Big, the UK Mr Big, not the hair metal ones with it's haunting guitar.

There's a Christopher Cross feel to The Art Of Forgetting with it's haunting violin accompaniment and Sleeping Dogs is Wilco-esque. Friend Of A Foe is a sort of gunfighter ballad, very different to what's gone before and there's some great Tijuana Brass on it.

Enduring Love is almost a Torch song, it reminds me a lot of Cherry Ghost, as does Summer's End. The title track is the stand out for me, it's a slow build up that increases tempo and could be on any Mid 70's great Pop Rock album of choice.

Treehouse Empire is well worth your pennies and it's available at Name Your Price, so what have you got to lose? Don't expect the usual riff-o-rama that you hear here. This is mellow sit back stuff and all the better for it.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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