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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cats In Space - Day Trip To Narnia

Cats In Space are gloriously over the top and their third album shows no sign of this abating. Certainly. the magnificent opener, Narnia, has everything you'd want from a Pop Rock song across it's five minutes. A killer chorus and air guitar solo to delight all.

The band have been lumped in with the Melodic Rock brigade and that's unfair, this is far more than that, they are like every great FM band that you've ever known. Hints of ELO, Supertramp, Pilot, Queen etc. Sweet's Andy Scott guests on the AOR anthem, Hologram Man, which gives you some indication of what the band excel at.

The overall sound reminds me a lot of the underrated 70's outfit Trickster, but the arrangements are better, the sound is bigger and there is far more lyrical wit. There's the Vocal Harmony of Queen and the pomp of Kiss and there's a power ballad in Chasing Shadows which has a hint of Styx in it's composition.

Tragic Alter Ego and Silver And Gold are great singalongs and then there's The Story Of Johnny Rock, which is incredibly brave. The latter is a 27 minute, 7 part, concept based on the accompanying comic strip, a side long on the vinyl.

The album is a fun packed listen. The only hint of criticism I'd make is that the lead singles should maybe have been Narnia or Hologram Man, both seem more acessible to the masses, but that's just personal opinion.

Day Trip To Narnia is available everywhere and you should definitely dig it out. It takes that Melodic Rock label to a whole new level.


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