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Friday, 4 June 2021

Groovy Uncle - Searching For The Grown-Ups


Groovy Uncle have mastered a brand of 60's Pop Rock with melodic slices of UK Beat and Psych Pop. Usually Glenn Pragnell gathers everyone together in the same room. The pandemic dictated that this wasn't possible for Album Number 9. 

Searching For The Grown-Ups was recorded at home, although you really wouldn't know that sound wise. With just Brass and a few Guitar tracks recorded remotely, it could be described as a Pragnell solo affair, but again it doesn't sound or feel like that.

The trademark Groovy Uncle sound is still present, particularly on Cool It Down and Jimmy Joined A Gym, but this seems a more varied Pop led album and reveals the full scope of Pragnell's talents. The man can certainly write a catchy tune and although it is essentially 60's led, the hooks are aplenty.

That Sinking Feeling is Merseybeat with a Duane Eddy twang and Not Inclined To Do is a ringer for early Hollies. He Misses You is a crackerjack of a song, lyrical sadness draped in a chirpy chipper tune. Not Inclined To Do is a classic Ready Steady Go male solo singer that made the ladies swirl.

It is the endearment of the album that strikes home most though. The piano led quaintness of Saturday Afternoon and the joyful Brass on Grown-Ups reveal a wit draping the ordinariness of everyday life in happy go lucky instrumentation.

Having said that the album is no one trick pony. There is a real rasp to Too Tired To Do Stuff and Gravesend is very different with its wonderful diary like talking vocal. Special mention too for the instrumental opener, Saturday morning, a surprise Brass led joy that sets the mood for a great pop album.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about Groovy Uncle here.


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