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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Kool Kat Musik Weekly New Release Update

Welcome to the Kool Kat Weekly New Release Update. Kool Kat are distributed in the UK and Europe by I Don't Hear A Single as part of our aim to keep CDs available and affordable. The Kool Kat Links with each album take you to further details on each release.

We do realise that buyers in the UK and Europe can buy the UK Releases cheaper. That is absolutely fine. We want to publish the full Kool Kat weekly update complete, so UK Releases may be for info only to UK Buyers.

Please place all UK and European orders by following the details here. Links to Kool Kat's Entire Stock can be found here. Without further ado, here are seven new additions to Kool Kat Musik this Week.

Deadlights - Deadlights (Self Released 2021)      $10

Deadlights is the latest musical endeavour from Well Wishers frontman Jeff Shelton. Following the release of “Shelf Life” The Well Wishers 11th full-length, Jeff made a concerted effort to take a break from his tried-and-true formula of punchy melodic power pop and venture into the darker and more lush sonic realms of Dream Pop, Britpop and Noise Rock. With the assistance and encouragement a Bay Area cohort Bill Taylor (Songs For Snakes) the song writing and recording began in earnest in late 2020. Jeff also sought the assistance of Nashville artist Lindsay Murray (Gretchen’s Wheel) who lent a beautiful lead vocal to “All We Love” and former Trip Wire bandmate Mark Nicholson for some bouncy bass work on the track “Come Down Slowly”.  

Kool Kat Link

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Rooftop Screamers - Next Level (Self Released 2021)      $12

Rooftop Screamers is the name of the studio project for Portland based drummer and songwriter Mike Collins.  It's an outlet to showcase his original songs and collaborate with some of his favourite local, as well as world renowned singers, musicians and producers. Tim Smith, Ken Stringfellow, Keith Slettedahl, David Paton, Dan Reed amongst others join in the fun.

Kool Kat Link

Bandcamp Link

Diesel Park West - Hang Johnson (Self Released 2021)      $15

In Kool Kat's ongoing effort to present previously unreleased Diesel Park West recordings to the masses, please welcome “Hang Johnson”, originally recorded in 1997.  Songs like “Singing Life” and “Travel The Earth” capture the spirit while “You’ll See” is an outright Diesels’ definitive classic worthy of anything on “Shakespeare Alabama” if not above.  

Download Link

Caper Clowns - Abdicate The Throne + bonus disc (Gateway Records 2021)       $19

“Abdicate The Throne” finds Caper Clowns exploring different areas of music not present on their first two releases, displaying a giant leap in both maturity, delivery and song writing!  The album not only hits the heights of previous offerings, but it reveals a lot of hidden depths. Known for their live performances, the lockdown could have really slowed the band up, but that time has been used to play around with that they do.  This is a very different Caper Clowns album. True, there are still the Crowded House-like elements that enhanced their popularity. Having five vocalists in the band was never fully utilized until now and the varied song writing of all has taken the band to another level. 

The album comes with a Kool Kat Exclusive, the 11 track Live At Ferritslev Fritidshus Denmark 2000.

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Various - Higher Than A Mountain : The Songs Of Andy Gibb (Curry Cuts Records 2021)      $12

Never could we ever predict that the name Andy Gibb would appear anywhere on the Kool Kat site!  In light of what music critics have told us we should collectively feel about this stuff over the years, Curry Cuts’ approach feels almost rebellious. Their curated covers are the sonic equivalent of simultaneously giving the finger to all the haters. The cream of Pop Rock offer up their take on a surprisingly great selection of covers.

Kool Kat Link

Bandcamp Link

Cloud Eleven - Pandora’s Box (Kool Kat Musik  2021)      $12.50 

NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT MUSIK LABEL “Pandora’s Box” isn’t so much a “new” album than a collection of 16 previously unfinished song fragments that had been buried on old cassette tapes, plus some outtakes from other albums and a few covers. During the lockdown of 2020, Rick Gallego would discover a stray chorus here, a verse there, and commence to completing the songs, then record them.  Gallego underlines his mastery of Psych Pop.

The Bablers - Psychadilly Circus (Big Stir Records 2021)      $12

The Bablers have been hailed as “the Finnish Supergroup of Pop” for a good reason.  Each individual band member – songwriter/vocalist Arto Tamminen (bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, cello, percussions, vocals), Janne Haavisto (drums, vocals), Pekka Gröhn (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Hannu Pikkarainen (guitar, vocals) – holds at least one Finnish Grammy for their musical work outside the band.  Their musical chemistry has a long, rich history, though. “Psychadilly Circus” more than delivers on the promise of decades past. It all adds up to a heady brew, and an encyclopedic tour of the whole of rock and pop history, crafted by a band who knows it, chapter and verse.


Zombies Of The Stratosphere - On The Wing (Self Released 2021)      $11

New York City-based power pop and psychedelia band Zombies Of The Stratosphere’s ongoing mission is to create songs built to last by nerdily obsessive craftsmen with big record collections. You know: the good stuff.  The band write extremely catchy, jangle-guitar pop with hooks that recall a myriad of classic 60’s groups. This is headphone music for ear-candy addicts.

The Electric Stars - Velvet Elvis : The Only Lover Left Alive (Stoned Gospel Records UK 2021)     $19

The Electric Stars latest release has exploded off the back of their incredible debut “The band are quite hard to categorize – no bad thing – as the range of influences here are wide.  Just when you think you’re settling in to a fairly traditional pop rock song along come some baggy drum beats to give everything a different twist. Throughout the album veers from classic rock to indie pop and back again, with a dash of glam simmering below the surface. It's a real melting pot of ideas loaded with anthemic songs and enthusiastic pop hooks. 

Take advantage of Kool Kat's exclusive 2-fer offer! Get this and their debut "Sonic Candy Soul" cd for only $35! 

Mod Fun - Wardour Dreams (Detour Records UK 2021)      $18

"Wardour Dreams" is a compilation of both of Mod Fun's 80's vinyl releases, remastered and for the first time, available as full albums on CD.  This collection of songs represents the bulk of studio recordings by "New Jersey's original 80's Retro-mod band," who were among the most popular of the handful of east-cost acts in the early 80's retro-rock movement based in the "NYC Cave-Stomp" scene.


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