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Wednesday 21 October 2020

Kool Kat Musik


I'm sure that you are aware that I Don't Hear A Single handles physical distribution for both Big Stir Records and Kool Kat Musik in the UK and Europe. We have been working on a website in relation to this, but the combination of html inexperience and how much time that the I Don't Hear A Single Blog takes up has led to a different plan.

We initially wanted to separate the Blog from the distribution mainly to avoid accusations of nepotism. But with IDHAS getting approaching 250 emails a day and the fact that our side is not transactional, it made sense to incorporate both here. I think people understand that IDHAS would never give any album a positive review that we didn't love and we only publish positive reviews. In our fifth year, the amount of hits that the Blog gets, considering we supposedly specialise on less popular genres, leads us to believe that you trust us.

Remember that the distribution is non profit making and was only set up to counter the high postage costs from America to the UK and Europe. All orders are placed and paid for on the Kool Kat or Big Stir Sites. We also handle the promo CDs for Big Stir in Europe. So every FRIDAY, we will post details of the Kool Kat New Releases with brief Kool Kat notes and a link to purchase. This, with a direct link to Kool Kat on the Right Hand Side of the Blog. The Big Stir plan will run along similar lines. More details will follow at the weekend. 

Details of how to order from Kool Kat can be found here.

The direct section Links to browse and purchase are as follows :

Power Pop / Alt Country Online Store Home Page

Kool Kat Label Releases

New Releases

New CDs (Entire Catalogue excluding Used CDs)

Compilation CDs

Used CDs


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