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Sunday 30 January 2022

I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2021 : Top 10

01 The Orange Peels - Celebrate The Moments Of Your Life       IDHAS Review

02 The Easy Button - Lost On Purpose       
IDHAS Review

03 Chris Church - Game Dirt       IDHAS Review

04 Andy Bopp - AB      IDHAS Review

05 Ian McNabb - Utopian       IDHAS Review

06 The John Sally Ride - Now Is Not A Great Time      IDHAS Review

07 Livingmore - Take Me        IDHAS Review

08 The Mommyheads - Age of Isolation         IDHAS Review

09 Spygenius - Blow Their Covers        IDHAS Review

10 Ward White - The Tender Age        IDHAS Review



  1. You're right, the last 5 songs on The Orange Peels are transcendent. Putting this at the end of a 65 minute CD either means you are assuming the listeners are totally fanatics, the prior 12 songs are even better or you missed an opportunity of giving the average listener the chance to hear this. This should not be at the end of a 65 minute CD in today's world. The music is magical.

  2. Thanks Ken,

    Potential listeners / buyers can listen to individual tracks via the bandcamp link.