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Friday, 28 January 2022

I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2021 : 21-30

It's been difficult to get these choices down to 100. I'm also not a believer in saying one album is better than another. Most of the time you are comparing Apples To Oranges. I'm not a List person, I just think what's the point?

However, for the last few years I have compiled annual Best Of 's  because these posts seem so popular and the aim of this Blog is to get exposure (and Sales) for the artists. There is no meaning or judgement on an album that is Number 1, Number 100 or not on the list. Anything that I review on here, mention on Social Media or play on the Radio Show is as highly recommended.

There are few rules. All albums have to have been reviewed on IDHAS. Reissues and Live Albums are not included. Previously unreleased albums are included, but Best Of's are not. For each album, I've posted a song from it and a link to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the album. 

No 21 : Quivers - Golden Doubt    IDHAS Review

No 22 : Kid Gulliver - Kismet      IDHAS Review

No 23 : The Green Pajamas - Sunlight Might Weigh Even More    IDHAS Review


No 24 : Tamar Berk - The Restless Dreams of Youth         IDHAS Review

No 25 : The Wry Dogs - Pigs Might Fly  IDHAS Review


No 26 : The Harmony Motel - Topical Depression       IDHAS Review


No 27 : The Successful Failures - James Cotton Mather     IDHAS Review

No 28 :  Electric Looking Glass - Somewhere Flowers Grow    IDHAS Review


No 29 : Chris Catalyst - Kaleidoscopes   IDHAS Review

No 30 : Surreal Prismatics - Conscious Dreams       IDHAS Review



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